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Are You A Bad Fish Too?

Morris Ninjaboi
I'm eighteen, almost nineteen
I'm a Satanist.
But I don't hate god or christians.
I like to skate and paint
I've been drumming for six years
I can play some guitar too
I love Korn a lot
Atreyu and Sublime too
I'm taking acting classes
I love to hip-hop dance. Very well too.
I experiment with drugs
And I steal cars
I own a turquoise Escort GT
She is fuckin' pimp
And yes, she was stolen
I street race and got caught once
With a $600 fine
I rob junkyards and steal parts
I recently stole 22-inch chrome rims
My friends and I robbed a liquor store once
I've been arrested for throwing a rock at a police van
But despite all these things,
I'm a really fuckin' nice guy
But I'm a bad fish♥

AIM; imabadddfysh


Kaylee♥ is my LJ wife. So fuck off.

I love Pokemon. Especially Mew and Charizard ♥

I adopted an Eevee plushie from Suta-raito.com!

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